Ever wish you could clone yourself? Or just have an extra brain on speed dial for when you get stuck on a project? Call me! I’m a natural “Jen-of-All-Trades” with very diverse experience, so whether it’s a one-time consult or ongoing support, I’m here to make your life easier!

Writing • SpeakingConsultingOrganizingVirtual Assistant

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How many of these sound familiar?

Help me with… Writing

  • I’m already snowed under, and now that newsletter article is due by Friday. How am I going to get this all done? I need a ghost writer.
  • Ugh, I know what I want to say, but actually writing it takes me forever. Forget speech-to-text — I need brain-to-text!
  • We each wrote our own part of this document separately, and you can tell. How can I make this sound cohesive before we present it?
  • I’m supposed to update this training manual, but the whole thing is so outdated, we need to start over. Where do I even start?
  • No wonder we keep getting angry customer calls — these instructions are way too hard to follow! Can’t someone make this simpler?
  • We’ve been working on this so long I don’t even know where to start. I wish all these notes and articles would just magically turn themselves into a finished write-up!

Sound familiar? Let me wordsmith for you.

Save me from… Public Speaking

  • I know what I’m talking about, but public speaking is my worst nightmare! I really wish someone else could do this for me…
  • If I lead this special training, it’s just going to feel like every other staff meeting. We need a new voice to get their attention this time.
  • How am I supposed to lead this workshop and staff our booth at the same time? We need more hands, just for this weekend.
  • It’s going to look like favoritism if I ask someone on our team to lead this. We need an objective outside speaker everyone will listen to.
  • Being good at this and being able to teach about it are two different things. I really need someone who actually likes talking to groups…

Need a speaker or trainer? I’m here for you!

Help me by… Consulting & Strategizing

  • Does this PowerPoint even make sense? I’ve looked at it too many times to know if I’ve even spelled my own name right…
  • Which of these options would be better in the long run? The Board wants hard numbers, but there’s a reason I wasn’t a math major…
  • There are so many factors here. How can I tell what actually matters and what’s just noise? I need someone to help me spot the patterns.
  • Our process isn’t working, but we’re stuck in the way we’ve always approached it. Maybe fresh eyes would see a better solution…
  • Ack, my brain is going in circles! I need more than a coffee break. I need a sounding board who can help me see what I’m missing here.

If you could use a second brain or fresh set of eyes, you’re in the right place.

Help me with… Organizing & Scheduling

  • This is so confusing! I wish I could just enter everyone’s vacation dates and have a staffing plan pop out the other side by magic.
  • There must be a better way of doing this. Maybe a spreadsheet would help? I wish I knew where to start…
  • Someone bought more refills again, but we already had plenty! If only we could actually lay our hands on what we need when we need it…

When it’s time to bring order to chaos, I’m here to help.

Help me, I need a… Virtual Assistant

  • Everyone’s waiting on these meeting minutes, but there’s already too much on my plate. Help!
  • My team’s expense reports are due Friday. How am I going to get all these receipts entered in time?
  • I’m supposed to plan this event but I don’t have time to sit on hold with all these venues. I really need a sidekick…

When you need a sidekick, I’m here to support you.

You are not alone!

When you’re overwhelmed, know that you’re not stuck. I’m here to help! Let’s brainstorm together and find a more peaceful, sustainable solution so you can get back to thriving at what you do best.