Connection Is Everything

Life depends on communication. Graphic design is all about solving visual communication gaps in creative ways. I’m passionate about listening first, learning what you need, and then finding imaginative ways to link your message with the people who need to hear it.

What does that mean?

When you walk by a cluttered bulletin board, what makes you look at one flyer amidst all the other chaos? Something about it speaks to you. It’s more than words and clip art; it’s engaging and relevant enough to capture your attention. Graphic design is what makes that difference.

The Power of Good Design

How often have you turned in a report and wondered if anyone would even read it? Imagine if, instead of turning in something that looks like a high school essay, you could show your Board of Directors something that looks more like a magazine. Include your favorite photos from your big event, articles from stakeholders, testimonials from clients, infographics showing your accomplishments at a glance — don’t you think they’d be more likely to read it now?

You’re proud of the work you do. Professional design can help others see the value of it too.

photo of a magazine-style report layout from my portfolio

Peace Through Creativity

Did you know that 40–50% of the human brain is dedicated to visual information? No wonder we respond so powerfully to the countless images we see every day! In an era of nonstop sensory input, I believe designers have both an opportunity and a responsibility to help make that impact positive. Every project is an opportunity to reach people through beautiful, joyful, moving, engaging, and inspiring designs that create more joy and peace in the world.