Protect the Planet

looking up at the tree canopy with starburst sun flare peeking through the leaves

I do everything I can to run my business in an environmentally respectful way. This includes:

  • 100% renewable energy for my studio
  • Digital invoices to minimize paper usage
  • Public transit and/or virtual meetings (whenever possible) to minimize miles driven

I can also help you find creative ways to lessen the eco-impact of your project. For example:

  • Intentionally designing a flyer so it can be printed professionally or in-house means you don’t have to order as many extras from the print shop.
  • If the only thing you need to change on last year’s poster is the date, would a custom matching date sticker work instead of reprinting the whole poster?

There are lots of creative workarounds to help your budget and your carbon footprint at the same time. If you want to brainstorm, let’s chat!