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What do you remember about preschool? One of the biggest things I remember was the thrill of graduating to the “big kids’’ room, purely because that meant I was finally old enough to get to volunteer in the infant/toddler class!

Experience & Approach

My passion for ECE obviously started young, and it’s only deepened with time. I have more than 12,000 hours of direct classroom teaching and center leadership experience. I also have a degree in Early Childhood Education with specialties in infant/toddler development, special needs inclusion, and program administration.

I’m passionate about the RIE and Reggio Emilia philosophies, but I recognize that many ECE programs share similar principles without using those specific terms. What matters is that core respect for children as whole people — inherently capable and intelligent, who deserve authentic relationships from the very beginning and who learn through creative exploration.

From babysitting my own siblings to serving as assistant director of a Reggio-inspired child development center, I’ve been blessed by truly outstanding mentors and colleagues along the way. Now I’m thrilled to be able to share that experience with others to help even more families and schools.

How can I help you?

Early Childhood Centers

For preschools, child care centers, family child care homes, church nurseries, on-campus child development centers, drop-in care programs, etc.

  • Graphic design — branding, marketing, logos, brochures, websites, posters, signs, etc. that reflect your unique community
  • Writing — parent handbooks, staff training manuals, recruitment packets, application forms, blog entries, press releases, grant proposals, annual reports
  • Training & guest speaking — staff inservice trainings, parent workshops, community events
  • Consulting — help troubleshoot a sticky situation, plan smooth transitions during times of change, create a balanced budget, brainstorm creative staffing solutions, physically help organize files and resources, or just be an on-call sounding board when you need a fresh perspective

As you can see in my portfolio and other services, my training goes beyond ECE. I’m also a freelance graphic designer, writer, and creative problem-solver. I’d love to put this blended skill set to work for your program! Contact me to get started.


Childhood is magical, but it can also be overwhelming. If you’d like support, I can help you connect with resources or can offer direct consultation:

  • Finding care — exploring the differences between the ECE philosophies and which might best fit your family’s needs
  • Appreciating childhood — understanding the developmental value of play-based experiences in kindergarten readiness
  • Peaceful connections — honoring this amazing new human being who has joined your family, in a way that respects everyone’s needs

I highly recommend Janet Lansbury’s website and Magda Gerber’s books. To talk about how I can help your family, contact me anytime.

Community Advocacy

I’ve served on school advisory boards for more than twenty years. I’ve advocated for program funding at press conferences, board meetings, and in published newspaper articles. For more than a decade, my family ran a nonprofit organization that delivered school supplies directly to classrooms in need. When the child care center on campus was in peril, I helped organize the campaign to keep it open so students could finish their degrees.

If your school or community needs an experienced voice with a deep passion for young children, I’d be honored to serve alongside you. Contact me to get started!

(Looking for more individualized help for a K-12 student? Check out my tutoring page for opportunities.)