Preschool Postcard

Postcard advertising for local preschool

Narrative Budget

A more transparent church budget for their annual giving campaign

Choir Concert

Poster for Christmas Choir Concert

Vacation Bible School

VBS poster with hand-drawn illustrations

Generosity Campaign

Illustration for annual church giving campaign

Sermon Series

Promo graphics for church sermon series

Bible Study

Flyer for B90 Bible study class


Co-write then design report as part of school district’s strategic plan [PDF]

AAUW Event Flyer

Flyer for upcoming AAUW event

Logic Model

Project flow diagram for professor’s grant application


Cover for a fictitious magazine for parents of young children

Benjamin Franklin

Contest entry. The quote says, “No tyrannical society can long exist when it cannot control the flow of information.”

Cal Poly Land

Cal Poly student newspaper cover contest entry

The Traveler

Poster for fictitious movie to honor the uplifting spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek


Poster to promote the health benefits of walking. 1st place winner in county contest.